[My experience] The marriage of Angular and NativeScript

Building apps can cost you Time and Money if you don’t know which technologies you need to use, which is

Node.js v10 What you need to know

Node.js 10 IS here, and here’s what you need to know: HTTP/2 Node.js has stabilized the Http2 protocol and there

[DevOps] Build and Test Nativescript Project with Gitlab-CI

To get more things Done we need more time, and to get more time there are things you must do,

[Redux, NGRX, VUEX] The one State ideology

Ahh, Managing states, how it was awful before the one State ideology. Back in the days, we used to create

The Modern UI frameworks

Nowadays, finding a UI element is HARD and I will tell you why, How many times you start working with

VueJS, I can’t ignore you no more

Did sometimes you want to make an interactive web page without using jQuery or a fully framework like Angular (2->5)

A NativeScript plugin that works – Making a NativeScript plugin

Before that this pass through my mind I lost a half day searching for plugin to JUST works without any

Hybrid mobile framework – NativeScript, Ionic, ReactNative

Nowadays if you wanna make a low budget mobile App, definitely you will pass by one of the hybrid mobile

Why NativeScript ?

First of all i’m an AngularĀ  developer, and i Like how Angular structure the project, especially the style guide by

Ionic 3 / Angular 4

Ionic has released Ionic 3, a new major version that means we will have incompatible API changes. Let’s take a