A Stable JavaScript (fatigue)

A Stable JavaScript (fatigue)

Have you felt the JavaScript fatigue before? I have.

Being a web developer using JavaScript frameworks consumes a lot of energy.

The JavaScript meant to be for the front-end development and to add some interaction to static pages, like display images on click, validate forms and load async portion of data.

Look around you now, JavaScript is everywhere. every month or a week there a new framework or library that want to change the world appears.

Let's look at some history:

At first, there's plain JavaScript, at that age, you need to write more for less, then it comes the libraries like jQuery, MooTools, and YUI( Yahoo! UI Library )

Then Angular.js has appeared at 2009, followed by Knockout, Backbone.js, Ember.js, and others.

After a while React has been introduced by Facebook at 2013, a component-based frontend framework

Then in 2016, it comes Angular 2+ a complete Javascript framework for the front-end.

But Ryan Dahl let the front-end developer be a full-stack developer by making Node.js

After 2009 developers start making web application and services with Javascript and new JavaScript frameworks start popups.

Starting from 2017-2018 people start choosing a path to follow, like Angular developer, React Developer and so on.

Also me, I'm known as Angular developer,  That's the main framework that I work with but you need also to master other Frameworks if you want to be laways fresh.

Following everything is the perfect option to lose focus. for me, I'm really aware of what I should consume to prevent the distraction, and also I create a routine to keep up with what should I know.

Again have you felt the JavaScript fatigue before? Share your experience with us ?.

Last modified: October 30, 2019