Docker, where have you been ?

Docker, where have you been ?

Euuh Docker, I know you're here for a while, but this is the right time I took the courage and make the hole things work with you.

First of all, I'm a consultant and I have a startup which means I work on lots of things with a lot of things.

And to keep it up without loses I need to isolate each thing from the other things. and here's where I start using Docker.

I hear people talking about Docker on the DevOps field but this is not the case for me, I start using Docker in the development environment, and here's how.

In the last mission, I was working on a frontend application using the Angular framework, and it's not just me, we were a team working on the same project trying the make things happen, really fast.

But this is not the case when we have a different version of Node.js and @angular/cli.

This start occurring when building success in some machine and fail in other, and here we start using Docker in the development environment, we choose a Node.js version that matches with the production server and we create an image for the environment, then we all start using the same image.

Besides all of that, any new member can use the same image without installing any of other tools than Docker, and it makes the integration of new members easy and smooth.

Then I start controlling the CPU and the Memory of the container to keep the host machine cool and prevent battery drain when I'm walking around with my MacBook Pro

That does not end here.

I start exploring new applications that were hard to install especially when I was using Windows, but with Docker, I just need to pull an image and run it.

I use Docker, how about you?

Last modified: July 29, 2018