[Redux, NGRX, VUEX] The one State ideology

[Redux, NGRX, VUEX] The one State ideology

Ahh, Managing states, how it was awful before the one State ideology.

Back in the days, we used to create a state for every block or area that get updated from the same place and does not know anything about the others blocks, or manually update the view and here we need also to update the state of the same block, what a mess. It's hard when you start growing your app using these techniques.

Then I discovered (forced myself to use) Redux or the one state manager, at the beginning I found myself writing more code than I usually do, creating the actions, the reducers, and the effects and so on.

And to create an action I need to pass by many files to do a single interaction, it was like another hell, but when the app starts growing I didn't feel exhausted like before, when I wanna get some data I know exactly how and where to find it,  and also I can easily plug any other blocks into the apps I just need to connect it to the State manager and I get the access to all what I need, Isn't That cool?

But wait I'm an Angular Developer and Redux made for the React Community, well there's an implementation of Redux philosophy for Angular folks and it calls NGRX and I used it in production and everything seems alright.

How about Vue.js developers? Vuex is the implementation of Redux for the Vue.js framework, I tried it and it does what I need.

Using a state Manager really helped me a lot and boost my skills and it reduced the development time.

Forced your self to use it and feel the difference.

Did you try a State Manager before?

Last modified: May 17, 2018