Labidi Aymen
Labidi Aymen 27 old, Head of kitchenet_logo_aymen a self-educated Tunisian developer who has been initiated to the field of entrepreneurship since 3 years. His ideal is to contribute in the development of the web in Tunisia thinking that it lacks a lot of innovation and needs to integrate new solutions that nowadays are seen essential.

Labidi Aymen

Why NativeScript ?


First of all i’m an Angular  developer, and i Like how Angular structure the project, especially the style guide by

Ionic 3 / Angular 4


Ionic has released Ionic 3, a new major version that means we will have incompatible API changes. Let’s take a

React fiber [work in progress]


React Fiber is  complete rewrite for ReactJS shipped with a new reconciliation algorithm. So what the strongest feature of the React

Last projects

Diwane – Augmented Reality Books

Diwane is a book series dedicated to children. The concept behind augmented reality books is simple: a physical book contains

kitchenet Education

Kitchenet Education is an education platform that host updated courses of hottest technologies, platforms, and frameworks.   Landing Page :  


Assisty is a mobile service of daily life to help Tunisians can analyze your request in different languages including Tunisian