Sustain – A New Backend Framework

  Sustainability Why a new framework? I thought many times about creating a generic dashboard. For that, I tried different

Diwane – Augmented Reality Books

Diwane is a book series dedicated to children. The concept behind augmented reality books is simple: a physical book contains

kitchenet Education

Kitchenet Education is an education platform that host updated courses of hottest technologies, platforms, and frameworks.   Landing Page :  


Assisty is a mobile service of daily life to help Tunisians can analyze your request in different languages including Tunisian


Docteury is a medical appointments management platform that searches for practitioner’s contacts in a specific area selected by its users

The “Nodejs Tunisian Community” is a Tunisian community that has been founded for the purpose of sensitizing other Tunisian developers over is an online code editor let you run node.js or javascript snippet in your browser and require() any package from npm