VueJS, I can’t ignore you no more

VueJS,  I can’t ignore you no more

Did sometimes you want to make an interactive web page without using jQuery or a fully framework like Angular (2->5) did that happened to you also?

Well I discovered Vue/VueJS along time ago but I didn't want to learn any other JavaScript Framework at this time, but any time I want to make a single interactive page (not a complete project), I found my self in this loop again and ask my self what I will use and if I will use this what if it will disappear in one or two years, and so ON.

Let's talk about why I start learning Vue/VueJS, after two years working with Angular(2-5) on a mobile(NativeScript, Ionic ... ) and web apps (Dashboards),  I felt like I want to discover something else, I found VueJS in the trending JavaScript frameworks but before I decide to choose witch Framework I will use, I make the tour by making real word app but with VueJS, for now, I just need it for simple to complex salable web pages so it didn't take me so much time to test and to found how much fun working with it.

In the meantime, we ( start making a new service for hunting jobs (here in Tunisia), and we needed front-end UI elements to kickstart the project, we tested a lot but we choose Element-ui, you can have other opinions about UI frameworks, that's OK, put them in comments :D

I still investigation the Vue framework and I will post about the progress on the fly.

Last modified: May 11, 2018