The Modern UI frameworks

The Modern UI frameworks

Nowadays, finding a UI element is HARD and I will tell you why,

How many times you start working with cool UI framework and after a while, you found some limits? did you try to add some features and you lost hours and hours and if you start from the ground it will take you so much less time? it also happens to me.

90% of the UI frameworks looks cool at the beginning, but when the app start growing and we need some extra UI elements we will start looking for a new one to complete the missing elements, OK we found a one, how about using them both? huh, and the size of the App start growing, besides the conflict and the tricks that we do to keep all the UI frameworks works together, THEN our app starts growing with built-in issues (what a cool features).

But How I deal with that?

The last project I start I chose Vue.js as front-end framework, as the majorities of developer I usually kickstart the project with a UI framework, to get more done with less pain, the top elements I usually  use are, the Form and they built-in validation, buttons, modals and they confirmations,  grid and data table.

After exploring some UI frameworks I chose Element-UI , and there's will be always missing components or elements, and when I found something missing what I really did?

I made the missing feature or components, but how?

Before start using any framework, I open the source code and look how they built it, and I read the documentation many times to understand the philosophy behind it and find out if I can easily add features to its core, if not I continue the looking for the other frameworks.

Choosing a UI framework means knowing how to add stuff to it and how to manipulate it.

Why I choose to add to its core rather than create independent components:

  • First, we will use they built-in architecture and helpers
  • Second, THINK about the community, sharing your features or components with the community will be one of the things that make you happy, helping others is the best thing I ever did.

That's how I deal with UI frameworks, how about you?  ?

Last modified: May 15, 2018