React fiber [work in progress]

React fiber [work in progress]

React Fiber is  **complete rewrite for ReactJS **shipped with a new reconciliation algorithm.

So what the strongest feature of the React fiber

React Fiber is different in how it manages the update, to dig deep, it split the updates in two main parts:

High priority tasks: it when are you typing: in this case we need immediate feedback.

Low priority tasks: when it comes to network request


Fiber has enhanced the user experience by letting the interaction with the user inputs high priority.

To make this happened, react fiber come with two phases:

Render: the magic function in react world, it can be interrupting.

Commit:  it's not interruptible


Ok when the Fiber interrupt a render phase, where it goes?

It’s goes to the requestIdleCallback this api manage the low priority function to be called during an idle period.

With these features we notice that React has a smarter algorithms and api.

React fiber is not ready yet but it could be the next version of Reactjs and the new foundation of react.

You can follow the state here :


Another thing worth mentioning that the Fiber can render multiples components, also it's written in flow to make change with more confidence.

Have  you tried React Fiber ? if yes , share your experience with us

This is a work in progress. If you know something about this topic please feel free to contribute to this article

Last modified: March 31, 2017