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Sustain – A New Backend Framework



Why a new framework?

I thought many times about creating a generic dashboard. For that, I tried different Frameworks, one of them was Loopback, gathered different components and services to achieve my goal “A Friendly dashboard and project blueprint” but the upgrade from version 3 to 4 brought breaking changes that made my tool obsolete.
And that was one example of many ..
So I decided to create a new framework where I can put all my ideas without fear of losing control of the core again and also provide a good piece of code that helps people concentrate on the functional challenges rather than fixing breaking changes.



What is Sustain?

Sustain is a framework and platform for making a friendly backend to the frontend and mobile applications.

Furthermore, Sustain is the base of many under-development applications that are designed especially to help developers generate dashboard and backend applications from JSON schema.

Is Sustain a cross-platform framework? Yes, It is built basically to support Node.js and Deno.

For now, it’s available only for Node.js.



Enterprise application should be modular and has a testing mechanism with a 50% minimum coverage, Sustain has a testing mechanism that is implemented within the core to facilitate the testing task.

With Sustain, we are extremely separating the external packages to make the core sustainable and preventing the breaking changes.



Open-source is a powerful way to make good applications which makes the contribution a must for the progression of the platform.

In this link, you will find the road map of the project. Roadmap

If you are intrested with what we are doing, I invite you to try the framework and why not contribute to the project to help it grow!

For more collaboration, you can reach out to me at [email protected]


Quick start


npm install -g @sustain/cli
sustain new sustain-project

cd sustain-project

npm install

sustain start


Github https://github.com/sustainland/sustain

Documentation https://sustainland.github.io/docs/overview


Creator of @sustainland framework, Application Architect, Speak JavaScript and Typescript languages

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