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Aymen on 04/13/2017

Ionic 3 / Angular 4

Ionic has released Ionic 3, a new major version that means we will have incompatible API changes.

Let’s take a look at what changes were introduced by Ionic Team :

  • Ionic 3 shipped with latest version of Angular 4
  • IonicPage Decorator, a new way to deep link your pages and add support to lazy loading
  • Lazy Loading: This change affects the file structure and navigation of your application, but they will ultimately speed the application up

And you can start your app always with –v2 flag

ionic start ionic3App --v2

also I will cover any changes made by the Ionic Team

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  1. 07/4/2017Skander Guarbàa says:

    Nice Article, ioni3 also comes with a new Grid Layout which will now support desktop applications.

  2. 01/15/2018Aymen says:

    yes, even further you can check my new article about hybrid apps Hybrid mobile framework – NativeScript, Ionic, ReactNative

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