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Angular CLI

One of the easiest ways to start a new Angular application is to use Angular’s command-line interface (CLI).

To work with the command line we need to install it from the NPM(Node Package Manager):

npm install -g angular-cli

A new global command  ng will be available in our system.

To verify whether your installation completed successfully, run:

ng version

If you see an output like bellow everything is OK:

angular-cli: 1.0.0-beta.21node: 6.9.1os: win32 x64

Let’s make our new App:

ng new hello-app

This creates a new directory with all files you need to get started:

hello-app├── README.md├── angular-cli.json├── e2e│   ├── app.e2e-spec.ts│   ├── app.po.ts│   └── tsconfig.json├── karma.conf.js├── package.json├── protractor.conf.js├── src│   ├── app│   │   ├── app.component.css│   │   ├── app.component.html│   │   ├── app.component.spec.ts│   │   ├── app.component.ts│   │   ├── app.module.ts│   │   └── index.ts│   ├── assets│   ├── environments│   │   ├── environment.prod.ts│   │   └── environment.ts│   ├── favicon.ico│   ├── index.html│   ├── main.ts│   ├── polyfills.ts│   ├── styles.css│   ├── test.ts│   ├── tsconfig.json│   └── typings.d.ts└── tslint.json

You can now navigate to the new directory:

cd hello-app

and start the Angular CLI development server:

ng serve

You should see you app working :



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