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Aymen on 12/24/2016

Angular4 ? Where’s the version 3 ? why the hurry ?

First of all let’s start with what is AngularJS :

AngularJS is a complete JavaScript based Open source web application framework.

Using Ionic we can build mobile application using AngularJS.

That’s really what AngularJS is.

Move on …

Angular2 / Angular is a development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications written in TypeScript.

And there’s Ionic2 that support Angular2.

So what is Angular 4 and Where’s the Angular 3 ? why the hurry ? is the Angular platform stable ? can we use it for production? …

Let’s start with,

What is Angular4, and Where’s the version 3 ?

Angular 4 will be released in March 2017, there won’t be any Angular 3, because Angular Router using the 3.x space already, and is not in sync with the rest of Angular which is still at 2.x,to bring them back in sync the best way is to skip version 3, and jump directly to version  4.

Why the hurry ?

The Angular team says: Just call it “Angular”.

The intention is to release a new major version every 6 months.

Is the Angular platform stable ?

Each new version is allowed to mark APIs from the last previous major version as deprecated, but NOT to break them. So:

  • Angular 4 might deprecate APIs from Angular 2, but not break them
  • Angular 5 might only deprecate APIs from Angular 4, but not break them (might break APIs from Angular 2 though)

The team has confirmed that Angular 4 will be a backwards compatible upgrade from Angular.

Can we use it for production?

It depend on the type of the project you have.


If you have any corrections you can pull a request on GitHub : Angular4 ? Where’s the version 3 ? why the hurry  ? on GitHub


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